International Conference on e-Business
ICE-B 2010 – International Conference on e-Business: July 26-28, Athens, Greece
July 26-28     Athens, Greece
Special Workshop on e-Business

ICE-B, the International Conference on e-Business, has been part of ICETE since its inception in 2004. This year, we begin a tradition of special workshops at ICETE, with a focus on e-Business:

This year’s special workshop will be conducted as a collaborative consortium. The goal is to create a jointly authored paper on recent Challenges, Developments and Directions in the following e-Business subject areas: i) e-Business applications and models, ii) Enterprise engineering, iii) Mobility, iv) Business collaboration and e-Services, and v) Technology platforms.
Special workshop participants are required to submit a two-page (maximum) position paper in one of the above areas. It must be organized to cover the required topics of: i) challenges, ii) developments and iii) directions, through our information system. Paper acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality.
The consortium will have two collaboration venues: i) an online discussion forum, organized by topic within subject area, and ii) two one-hour discussion meetings to occur after the last technical session on the first two days of the conference. Position paper authors will have five minutes (maximum) to present their position. Each meeting will discuss challenges, developments and directions within one or more subject areas.
Co-Authored Paper
Those authors whose paper is accepted and who attend the special workshop will be invited to contribute to the final paper, and will be cited on that paper as co-authors. The paper will become part of Springer-Verlag book for ICETE’10. The special workshop leader will present a summary of online and meeting discussions just prior to the ICETE closing session, and will lead the final paper development effort after the conference.